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Home Dust Management Tips

A 360 Cleaning Home Dust Management
Go beyond a simple duster to keep the dust at bay in your home.

Dust is gross and unattractive. It gets on absolutely everything, ruining the shine of collectibles, antiques, and heirlooms. It can also be a problem for anyone with severe allergies or respiratory issues. Dust is an amalgamation of things like dander, dirt, and other gunk that has been shed off of pets and people or brought in from outside. This build-up breaks down into dust particles that pollute the air of your home and cling to your surfaces, creating an unattractive space and a big mess for you to clean. Thankfully, there are some great home dust management tips that can help you clean and maintain your home more easily.


Your vacuum is your first line of defense in the war on dust. This is important for clearing the dust out of carpet, fabric window treatments, and even getting dust off your walls. Vacuum as often as possible to keep dust at bay. Use attachments on drapery and walls to clear out any stray particles.

Wash Your Bedding

Your bedding is the final resting place of all sorts of biological gunk that adds to your home’s dust. Hair, skin cells, and your natural body oils build up and create the perfect environment for dust particles to enter your home’s air. Wash your bedding often, at least once a week, to keep it fresh and clean. 

Clean Your Window Treatments

As mentioned previously, fabric window treatments need to be vacuumed regularly using your attachments. However, even if you have wood, aluminum, PVC, or any other non-fabric material, you don’t get a pass on cleaning them. These other materials are easier to clean by simply taking a damp cloth and running it across your window treatments to obliterate any dust build-up.

Use an Air Purifier

An air purifier is a bit of an investment, but it has a filter that catches dust particles in the air. This allows you to clean less frequently, which can be worth it for rooms with a lot of fabric or small items and collectibles that would take a lot of time to maintain if you had to dust every week.

Choose Hard-Surface Flooring

Ripping up your floor is an extreme measure, but if you’re in the market for an interior renovation or remodel, consider hard-surface floorings such as hardwood, vinyl, bamboo, or even concrete to make it easier for you to manage your home’s dust. Carpet is a dust trap, and it spews it into the air with every step you take. Even with frequent vacuuming, the dust can never be fully removed. Hard-surface flooring is much easier to clean and keep dust-free.

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