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A Cleaning Checklist For Your Retail Store

A Cleaning Checklist For Your Retail Store
If you’re not too certain of where to begin, here is a cleaning checklist your retail store can follow to stay safe.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many retail stores have had to find ways to adapt to the situation. While it has been tough to make adjustments, it goes to show that there is a lot that retail stores can do to keep people happy during these troubling times. One way to make people more comfortable is to make sure the store is clean at all times. If you’re not too certain of where to begin, here is a cleaning checklist your retail store can follow to stay safe.

Keep Up With Hygiene on High-Touch Surfaces

Heavy emphasis should be placed on the spots in your store that get the most interaction. That’s why you should focus heavily on keeping high-touch surfaces clean. Such areas include counter surfaces, doorknobs, shopping carts/baskets, and sinks/toilets.

Use gloves while cleaning the area, and start with some soap and water. After that, a disinfectant will deal with any leftover germs. Do this multiple times per day because all of these spots will be touched frequently.

How Do You Disinfect Surfaces Properly?

A lot of materials can be used as disinfectants. First, as we stated earlier, clean your surfaces with soap and water. This helps get rid of a considerable amount of grime before you begin disinfecting. The water should sit for a little while before you apply your disinfectant. This is done so that anything on the surface gets broken down, making it easier to keep clean. Follow the instructions for whatever disinfectant you’re using, especially because there are disinfectants that are fairly toxic. Also, follow safety procedures when using disinfectants. Make sure you have sufficient ventilation in the area, and don’t inhale any fumes. All solutions should be labeled, and you should never mix different solutions together. Use the right protective gear while disinfecting, and be sure to store the solutions in a safe place when you’re done with them.

Keep Soft Surfaces Laundered

You need to keep rugs, carpets, towels, sofas, and window drapes clean, and you can do so with soap and water. Another disinfectant cleaner can be used on the larger items you have. Clean smaller items you have with the help of a washing machine and some hot water. Finally, when cleaning rugs and carpets, a vacuum is the best tool for the job.

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