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Cleaning Supplies That Aren’t Suitable for Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

Cleaning Supplies That Aren't Suitable for Cleaning Hardwood Flooring
These are some of the cleaning supplies to avoid using when cleaning your hardwood flooring.

Many work areas have hardwood flooring, but not everyone in these work areas is sure of how to get them cleaned. You need to keep your floors tidy if you want to maintain the beautiful aesthetic of your building. While there are many cleaning products that are acceptable to use on hardwood surfaces, there are others that we advise you to avoid. These are some of the cleaning supplies to avoid using when cleaning your hardwood flooring.

Wet Mops

While people might believe that it’s hard to go wrong with a trusty wet mop, hardwood flooring is not one of the surfaces on which wet mops are effective. If your hardwood gets damp, the finish can be ruined, and you can harm the wood. If you’re going to use a mop, you shouldn’t have it be completely wet; instead, just have it be a little bit damp. That’s all you’ll need to get the clean surface you want, all without putting your floor at risk.


Vinegar can clean all kinds of surfaces, but hardwood flooring isn’t one of them. This can be a concern because vinegar is still widely accepted as an appropriate substance for cleaning hardwood flooring. The problem with vinegar lies in its acidity. Because of how acidic vinegar is, the surface of the wood can start etching.


Ammonia is a strong cleaning product, but you shouldn’t use it on hardwood floors because your finish will become deteriorated and discolored. You can dull the surface as well. If you use ammonia as your hardwood floor cleaner, your floor will last several years fewer than it otherwise would.

Steam Cleaners

Hardwood floors don’t make for good surfaces for steam cleaners. Steam cleaners are better used on carpets and other kinds of surfaces that have been designed to work with them, and if you try using them on hardwood, you run a huge risk of having your wood crack and peel. The finish can also have problems with cloudiness after cleaning is done if you go with a steam cleaner.

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