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Tips You Can Use for Repairing Hardwood Flooring

Tips You Can Use for Repairing Hardwood Flooring
Here are tips we suggest you use when repairing hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is very exotic by nature. It can make your building look more refined, all while still offering the same durability you would want for any floor. There is one problem, however. Hardwood flooring, while easy to maintain, does require that you keep an eye on it constantly. Hardwood floors are susceptible to all types of damage, such as cracking, scratching, and gouging.

It’s best to deal with problems while they’re small so that the repairs you need to make are less of a hassle and less expensive. Smaller sources of damage can be repaired more easily, but if problems escalate, you might need to bring in professional help. Here are tips we suggest you use when repairing hardwood flooring.

Dealing With Warped Hardwood Flooring

If your hardwood flooring is warping, it often means there are big concerns with moisture. Massive water damage is often the culprit in situations such as these. Unfortunately, it’s not often something you can handle on your own. You will likely have to bring in professional help whenever you have moisture causing warping in your hardwood flooring.

Your Hardwood Flooring Has Scratches and Wear Spots

With enough time, you can expect your hardwood flooring to start wearing down, especially in places that get more foot traffic. This will result in your wood being exposed and scratched due to the impact it has sustained with people walking on it. Something you can do is sand all of the impacted spots on your floor. This will leave your wood with a more natural look when the repair is done. Just be sure to go one inch beyond the damaged area for good measure.

Floor Gouges

Gouges are a much bigger problem than your typical scratches. If you’re going to repair them, you’ll have to use wood filler to tackle the job. Finishing putty can be a great resource for a task like this, and you can apply it using a utility knife. Let the putty dry fully and then, once that’s done, you can get your hardwood flooring sanded, stained, and finished.

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