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Cleaning Tips for Avoiding Allergens


Avoid allergens by following some of these easy cleaning tips at your office or retail location.

Although trees are usually don’t their pollen fest by late spring, grasses and weeds can trigger terrible summer allergies for many people. Did you know that routine cleaning practices can actually help relieve allergy symptoms? Here are a few cleaning tips to make your summer allergies more tolerable.

Vacuum regularly – A lot of allergens collect on carpets and drapery. Make sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter so that small particles aren’t passing right through when you vacuum, otherwise you’ll be shooting the allergies right back into the air you breathe. Hardwood floors and tiles are better when it comes to allergies, but they too require regular swiffing.

Declutter – Piled up boxes, clothes or other materials can easily trap dust and hide allergens where you least expect. Keeping a spacious office or retail environment will help avoid minimize dust mites.

Keep bathrooms clean – Bathrooms get dirty every day, so consider some of the most overlooked spots. Scrub the tile regularly. If you have a shower curtain, toss it in the washing machine. Be on the lookout for mold.

Avoid scented cleaners and detergents – The fragrances in household cleaners are a common culprit for triggering allergies. Look for fragrance free products.

Don’t shampoo carpets Shampooing your carpets can cause mold growth and increase dust mites. If your carpets need a more thorough cleaning, call a professional cleaning service.

Clean your draper – Many people overlook the need to clean drapery, but drapes easily trap both dust and allergens. Switch to roll shades or contact a professional cleaning service to keep them well maintained.

Air conditioning helps – It might be tempting to avoid the AC in order to save on energy, but open windows contribute to bringing allergens inside whereas an air conditioner will help filter out dust, dirt, pollens, molds and other airborne pollutants.

Clean entryways – Entryways are where we traffic the most, and are an obvious place for dust and pollen to track into your building.

Clean with a damp cloth or mop – Moisture helps trap allergens instead of just knocking them into the air.

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