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Four Signs You Need a New Cleaning Company

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The staff at A360 won’t let you down as a cleaning company.

Every part of your business is equally important, and all of them need to be functioning optimally in order for your business to meet its full potential. If your current commercial cleaning company is not up to snuff it can not only negatively impact your reputation, but cause health and safety disasters. There are some signs that it is time to invest in finding a new cleaning company.

Everything Is As Dirty In The Morning As It Was The Night Before

This is a clear and obvious sign that your cleaning company is no longer invested in your business’s success. While many people dismiss this and take it upon themselves to do the morning tidying up, it is unfair to you if you are paying somebody to do a job and they are not doing it.

You Are Consistently Out Of Or Low On Supplies

It is often included in contracts that it is the job of a cleaning company to make sure that supplies such as paper products are well stocked and readily available. If the cleaning company is not upholding their end of the contract, and leaving your employees high and dry, it is time to let them go.

They Are Not Seeing To The Basics

You have hired a company so that everyday basic cleaning is no longer something you have to worry about, and you can focus on aspects essential to the operation and growth of your business. If you have to constantly remind them to do their duties, or have you or staff pick up the slack, this is unacceptable.

Their Oversights Pose Safety Risks

While a dusty floor or unclean windows are unsightly, there are significant safety risks that being lax in cleaning can result in. For example, an uncleanly bathroom can be a breeding ground for a number of diseases that can negatively affect the lives of your employees and customers and their families. Unattended wet floors that are not marked properly can also cause slips and falls and result in injury.

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