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5 Tips For Treating Stains

5 Tips For Treating Stains

Treat stains like a pro!

Spills are a certainty in life. If you have young children, you need to know that stains are inevitable. For that reason, it is essential to know how to treat stains when they arise. There are a lot of myths floating around today about stain removal which has a lot of people severely mistaken. We want to set the record straight, so here are a few helpful tips for treating stains!

Don’t Oversaturate The Surface

When treating a stain, only use a small amount of cleaner to begin. You can always add more if you need it. Also, if you are trying to treat a stained carpet, do not over-saturate the surface. Many people make the mistake of pouring water on the surface when in reality, you only need a little bit. Excess water will seep through your carpet fibers, which can lead to mold

Blot The Stain

Never rub a stain. Many people will try to rub the stain out of a surface. This is a mistake because you may wind pushing the stain deeper into the surface. Instead, blot the stain until it comes out.

Spray The Cleaner On You Cloth

Do not spray directly on your carpet, spray the cleaner on your cloth instead. This gives you more control and won’t cause you to oversaturate the surface

Scape Up The Excess Solid First

You can use a knife for this job. Before you go to treat the stain, you should try to scrape off any of the excess solid before treating the stain. For instance, if you were to spill mustard on your carpet, you would use this method.

Use Two Different Clothes

If there was a liquid spilled, be sure to use a separate cloth to dab the excess liquid. Once you have done so, you should use a new cloth when treating the stain.

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