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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

Have you been giving your hardwood floors the attention they need?

Hardwood floors are gorgeous They offer a classic and timeless look that many people see as more elegant than carpet. They do, however, require floor maintenance to keep them looking their best. Check out these five tips for maintaining your hardwood floors.

Vacuum the Floor

Vacuuming isn’t just reserved for carpet maintenance. It’s also a great tool to keep your hardwood floors clean as well. Fine grit and dust that you may not be able to see with your own eyes will gradually wear down the finish of your hardwood floors. Vacuuming will protect the finish by clearing up even the smallest bits of dirt and grime. If you’re afraid of scratching the floor with the vacuum or attachment, a dust mop or microfiber sweeper will also work for this task.  

Be Careful About Sprays

Be careful when using hairspray and furniture polish over your hardwood floors. These and similar products will create a cloudy appearance on your floors. After using these products, be sure to immediately wipe them up using a damp cloth. If necessary, you could also try using a window cleaner that doesn’t contain any ammonia to remove the hairsprays and furniture polish.  

Keep it Dry

Take measures to keep water and moisture off your hardwood floors. No only will water ruin the finish, but because wood is a porous material, it could penetrate the wood and cause staining. When you’re expecting rain, make sure to close the windows and put trays under your potted plants so that they won’t leak onto the floor.

Remove Residue

When you see residue on the floor from spills or dirt, you should use a non-wax wood floor cleaner to immediately wipe it up. What’s most important in your cleaning efforts is a quick response as dirt can wear away your floor’s finish, and spills can cause discoloration and stains.

Cover the Floor

At every entrance, be sure to place a doormat to catch as much residue and dirt from shoes as possible. Another great idea is to use a walk-off mat near the door. They are about four- to six-feet-long and allow people to thoroughly wipe off their shoes before walking onto the hardwood. Using area rugs in high traffic areas of will also help minimize damage.

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