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A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Home (Part 1)

A 360 Cleaning Spring Cleaning Home
It’s about time to start spring cleaning your home as the weather warms. Clear out those cobwebs and get your home back in ship-shape.

Spring is here, and many of us are getting the cleaning bug now that we’re getting energized by the sunshine and warm weather. Winter’s chill is behind us, and many of our homes have accumulated a fair amount of dust, dirt, and debris during those colder months. Spring cleaning should be a process—if you attack it haphazardly, you might struggle to get everything done or become overwhelmed.

Pre-Cleaning Preparation

When spring arrives, and the cleaning bug hits you, it’s understandable that you want to just get started right away and knock out some tasks. However, pre-cleaning prep is critical to the success of this mission. But what exactly do you need?

Label some bins or boxes with 4 categories:

  1. Donate. This is the donation and consignment box. Anything in acceptable condition to be donated can be sorted into this box (or boxes).
  2. Put Away. This is where you put anything that isn’t where it should be. It’s common for items to wind up in strange places, but don’t sidetrack your cleaning for every little item in the wrong spot. Throw them into the box and organize them later.
  3. Repair. If you find broken items around the house that are worth fixing, put them in the repair box and fix them up later on. Keep a list of any large items that need to be repaired but won’t fit in the box.
  4. Toss. While lots of things can just be tossed into your garbage can, there will sometimes be larger things that don’t fit or will just take up way too much space. With a box, you can just toss these items in and bag them up for trash pick-up later. If you plan to throw out any large furniture, keep a digital list of what needs to go and call for a pickup after the cleaning is done.

Don’t forget to make sure you have all of the cleaning supplies you need, including garbage bags and rags.

Starting Out


One of your first tasks is simple: dusting. Bust out your duster and clear off all of the debris that’s been building up around your home. Clear off tables, fan blades, desks, and all of those nooks and crannies that have been harboring dust and dander. After that, run the vacuum and sweep up the floors. You’ll probably find a lot of unexpected dirt and debris.


Next up is going through your home and sorting all of your inventory into the aforementioned boxes. Make a list of each room in the house and give it a check mark once you’ve completed the sorting. Don’t worry about making each room pretty and organized. This is all about clearing clutter and getting everything out of the way before you start the deep cleaning process.

Cleaning Tips and Services from A 360 Cleaning

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