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A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Home (Part 2)

A 360 Cleaning Spring Cleaning Home
Now that you’ve completed the beginning steps in part 1 of this series, it’s time to start really spring cleaning your home and completing the finishing touches.

In our previous post, we went over how to begin the spring cleaning process so that you can get started on the right foot. Now, let’s talk about getting into the nitty-gritty of spring cleaning and making every room in your home shine!

Deep Cleaning

Each room should get a deep clean treatment, but some will require more attention than others.


The kitchen will be one of the most involved rooms when you do a deep clean, so sometimes it’s best to knock it out first and work your way down to the easier rooms. 

  • First, clean all of your small appliances to get them looking shiny and new. 
  • Next, the large appliances. The stove and oven are always a struggle but don’t strive for perfection if it’s going to burn you out. Give them a good cleaning, and then move on.
  • After that, it’s on to the refrigerator. Clear everything out, and throw out anything that is expired or isn’t going to be consumed. Pull out the shelves and drawers if you can and give them a good cleaning. Use dish soap to clean these and rinse them off really well—they touch your food. Don’t forget the freezer!
  • Clear out your pantry and clean up the shelves.
  • Wash the sink and countertops, and clean up the faces of your cabinets.


The bathroom isn’t as bad as the kitchen, but it will need some extra elbow grease to get it looking its best.

  • First up is the toilet. It’s the worst job, but toilets can get really gross without regular cleaning.
  • Next up are the tub and shower. If these are a single unit, you only have to do one job. If they are separate, make sure both get the full treatment.
  • Next up is the sink(s) and countertops.
  • Wipe down the cabinetry and clean up any lingering messes.


Bedrooms are generally pretty easy to deep clean after dusting and vacuuming are done, but remember to wash the linens and clean out your closet as well as your under-bed storage.


It is so tempting to organize before the deep cleaning process because having your stuff in boxes and strewn around the house is horrible, but there’s a reason this comes after the deep cleaning. If you spend all of your time organizing your items and getting everything to look pretty before the deep cleaning, you’ll have to move it all again when it’s time to clean that room. By waiting, no matter how torturous it is, you leave surfaces available for the deep cleaning process, and it will go a lot more smoothly.

Just like with inventory, do the organization process room by room and keep a list. Once each room is done, give it a checkmark and move on to the next. This is the time you should take your “Put Away” box around and put the items from that box back where they belong. By the time this task is complete, your home will look amazing, and you’ll be really proud!

Finishing Up

After everything else is done, it’s time to sort through the rest of the boxes and finish up. The “Donations” box(es) can be taken to your nearest thrift store or consignment shop. The “Toss” box can either be bagged or picked up by a junk company (this is the best option if you’re also throwing out any large furniture or other big items). After that, it’s time to go through that repair box and fix those items up before putting them away.

And you’re done! Great job!

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