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How You Can Keep Your Office Floor Clean

How You Can Keep Your Office Floor Clean
Keeping your office floor clean is a big part of maintaining a good reputation for your business.

How often do you think about the floor in your office? The odds are that you have spent so long walking across it that you don’t even notice the details of the floor anymore. Imagine if it was your first time, though. What would your office floor say about your business to a new or potential client or customer? Keeping your office floor clean is a big part of maintaining a good reputation for your business. Follow these tips. 

Remove Stains

Whenever something spills on your flooring, make sure that it is cleaned up promptly. Anything that you allow to sit on the flooring could potentially stain or discolor it. Everyone in the office needs to take responsibility for cleaning up their own messes and staying on top of stains so they can’t do permanent damage. If you aren’t utilizing a commercial cleaning service, you should consider it. A commercial crew would be better equipped to handle any staining that still occurs, even if spills are cleaned quickly. 

Clean Correctly

Every type of flooring material has different cleaning requirements, so when you’re cleaning your floors, make sure you are following the manufacturer’s specifications. Make sure whoever is doing the cleaning knows the right way to do it and does it the right way every time. For some materials, cleaning them the wrong way will actually result in a worse-looking floor than if they were just left dirty. This is especially true if you use harsh chemicals, which could actually permanently damage some flooring. 

Stay On Schedule

In addition to promptly cleaning spills and cleaning the floors in the correct way, you also have to make sure they’re cleaned regularly. This means that you should have a set cleaning schedule that covers the whole floor. Employing a professional cleaning crew is the best way to ensure that this happens correctly and routinely, and your floors get the care they need. If you don’t have the staff to have your employees do the cleaning, hiring a commercial cleaning service is a great alternative. 

Use Floor Protection

Finally, use some sort of floor protection whenever possible. This could mean using mats, especially in doorways, so that shoes don’t carry in extra dirt and grit. You should also consider using protection under your heavy furniture. 

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