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Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

Carefully maintaining your hardwood floors will keep them in good condition longer and avoid serious issues such as swelling.

Hardwood floors are a popular interior design choice because they are cost-effective, timeless, and make a room appear warmer and more inviting. However, maintaining hardwood floors or any wood products can be daunting. You might already know that wood and water don’t get along too well. 

Rainy and snowy weather can be an issue for hardwood floors as people track water on them. Dirt and leaves can also take away a wooden floor’s luster. Although, as with any flooring, all it takes is specialized care to keep a hardwood floor in the best condition. Here are some tips for maintaining your hardwood floors. 

Don’t Delay Cleaning up Spills

It’s best practice to clean up hardwood floor spills immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth. It’s best not to use steam or wet mops because they can damage hardwood floors over time. You should also know that wood swells when moisture is on it, or there is too much moisture in the air. 

Also, the temperature shouldn’t be any hotter than 80 degrees in your building. It’s ideal keeping the humidity levels down in your building because it can cause wood to cup, split, and gap. If possible, it’s also best to keep humidity levels between 30 to 50%. 

Utilize Furniture Pads

Scratches are one of the most challenging issues to solve regarding hardwood flooring. Some scratches are hard to prevent, while others are 100% avoidable. The best way to avoid hardwood floor scratches is by adding furniture pads to your chair, tables, and couch legs. 

Hire a Team to Sweep and Dust Daily

We know that this frequency might seem excessive. However, dust forms everywhere and can settle into the grain and between floorboards. We know that you’re too busy running your business. Therefore, you can hire a professional cleaning company to take care of sweeping your floors and keeping the dust at a minimum. 

Vacuum Daily

Hardwood floors, like carpets, have the possibility of being vacuumed. Vacuuming a hardwood floor ensures that dirt and crumbs are no longer present even after sweeping. 

Have Your Hardwood Floors Refinished Every Few Years

Is your hardwood flooring starting to look dull? If so, it’s possible to return it to its former luster through recoating. This process involves applying a new coat of wood floor finish. 

From top to bottom, you can depend on a professional commercial cleaning company to take care of your commercial establishment. Give A360 a call today if you want to ensure that your office, medical office, or business is clean and presentable. 

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