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Ways to Have Fun While Cleaning

A 360 Cleaning Fun Cleaning
The thought of cleaning might cause you to feel a sense of dread, but there are ways to make it a little more fun.

When most people think about things that are fun, cleaning does not top the list. In fact, cleaning is not something that many people willingly do – they do it because they have to. At best, the rewards of a clean environment make it worth the hassle, but the actual work of cleaning is more often than not a boring chore. But, like all things that you’d really rather not do but you have to, cleaning can be easier if you add a little fun into the mix. Making a boring or mundane task fun makes it easier to get started and often makes the process seem to take less time. But how do you make it possible to have fun while cleaning? Read on for some tips. 

Catch Up On Other Things

Cleaning, especially the repetitive, mundane tasks, like doing the dishes or washing the windows, is a great opportunity to catch up on other things you’ve been putting off. Pop in those ear buds and make calls to people you haven’t talked to in a while. Put on your favorite show or podcast that you fell behind on. Listen to a new book on audio. You don’t have to feel guilty about these leisure activities because you’re also productively cleaning at the same time.

Blast Your Tunes

No matter what you’re doing, it almost always feels better to do it with music on. Music makes the time go faster, makes us feel more energized and pumped up, and makes boring tasks less of a bother. In the case of cleaning, turning those tunes up loud and really rocking out can make all the difference. It allows you to sing and dance along as you clean without having to feel self-conscious. You can even turn it into a mini-workout while you dance and clean.

Gamify It

This is a great trick if you’re cleaning with others. Make a game out of the cleaning task that you’re doing. If you’re doing dishes, who can be faster, the washer or the dry-and-put-away-er? If you’re both cleaning bedrooms, offices, or work desks, who gets done first? If you’re picking up toys, do it by color and see who can get the most of a color. 

Reward Your Work

You’re getting the work done – treat yourself! When you’ve finished a big cleaning project like switching over your seasonal wardrobe or doing a massive spring clean, give yourself a reward. You earned it. And over time, rewarding the work will make it easier to start and stick to the task.

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