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5 Dirtiest Spots for Your Commercial Janitorial Service to Tackle

5 Dirtiest Spots for Your Commercial Janitorial Service to Tackle
We all know that bathrooms and doorknobs can be filthy, but these unexpected areas can be hotspots for germs. Be sure to have your commercial janitorial service address these dirty surfaces.

We tend to think about germs a lot lately because of the current pandemic, but the COVID-19 virus isn’t the only germ to worry about in the workplace. When it comes to the places we work, the truth is that many surprising areas are hotspots for germs. Most people will expect the toilet seat to be on that list. While toilets are filthy and do need regular cleaning, there are several other areas of the office that are even worse. Here are several spots to ask your commercial janitorial service to tackle.

Break Room Faucets

It’s no secret that break rooms can be gross, but it’s not just old food and microwave stains that are the cause. The sink faucet and handles can be one of the germiest places in there. Break room sinks can be home to some of the most common illness-spreading germs. Use wipes or towels for the handles to keep those germs off your hands.


The office microwave has a reputation for being gross, but microwave handles can be much scarier than their food-coated interiors. Think about how many people use the microwave each day; each person touches the handle at least twice, if not more. How clean were those hands before touching the handle?

Coffee Pot and Mugs

Like microwave door handles, coffee pot handles get touched a lot every day, often by hands that are not as clean as we’d like to think. If the coffee area also includes community mugs, they are likely germ incubators, too, even when they’re washed consistently. This is because the office sponges and towels are also full of germs. A commercial janitorial service can help keep your break room (and the surfaces within it) clean and sanitary.

Keyboards and Mice

Your keyboard and mouse are likely a haven for germs – you touch them hundreds or perhaps thousands of times a day. Bits of food, dirt, and skin from your fingers get trapped on and around the keys and buttons. Plus, if you travel elsewhere (like to the break room or bathroom), you’re bringing germs back to the keyboard with you. Keeping these surfaces clean is something that many people don’t think about, but a commercial janitorial team can help.

Buttons and Switches

There are plenty of buttons and switches around the office, such as vending machine buttons, elevator buttons, and water fountain buttons. Make a habit of using your knuckle instead of your finger to limit the spread of germs, and be sure to contact the team at A 360 Cleaning for a thorough janitorial crew.

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