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A Commercial Cleaning Checklist You Should Follow

A Commercial Cleaning Checklist You Should Follow
Here is a commercial cleaning checklist you’ll want to follow to keep your business in good shape.

As offices continue to reopen, having proper cleaning measures in place becomes increasingly important. You want your employees to feel safe when they are in the office building. As a result, implementing effective and efficient cleaning protocols will truly make all the difference in how your employees approach the new normal of working in an office during a post-COVID-19 world. The reality is, investing in safety measures that take cleanliness and safety as a priority provides peace of mind for all your employees, staff, and customers. 

Disinfecting The Common Area And Kitchen

There is no doubt that the most used and frequented areas of the office must be clean a lot more often than before. Common areas — including break rooms — need to be properly sanitized and disinfected regularly and often to ease the worry among employees as they head back to the office. People are preparing and eating food in these areas, which is why being cognizant of the best health and safety practices moving forward that will impact these areas like maintaining a proper social distance and having effective cleaning products on hand like sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer stations for employees to use when they feel they need it. But, beyond having these measures in place, it’s essential that office managers ensure that the place is properly sanitized, cleaned, and disinfected. This will include countertops, tables, and shelves. 

Proper Sanitizing Protocols In Restrooms

Beyond kitchens and common areas, office bathrooms will need to be cleaned a lot more regularly than they were before. The reality is, restrooms are another high foot traffic area in any office building. Keeping them clean and sanitized becomes increasingly important in a post-COVID-19 world. At the very minimum, daily cleanings need to be implemented. But more frequent cleanings should also be considered and implemented. 

Maintaining A Safe Office Building

Keeping your employees safe and healthy is top of mind for almost all business owners. As a result, having frequent and diligent cleaning protocols set in place as offices begin to reopen can make all the difference in how employees approach the transition back to office life. 

Commercial Cleaning Services from A 360 Cleaning

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