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The Importance of Hiring Professionals for Construction Cleanup

The Importance of Hiring Professionals for Construction Cleanup
A team of construction cleanup professionals, following these best practices, can make your facility look like new.

Renovations are an exciting time for any building or business, but they also produce a lot of work. Construction creates debris and requires cleanup both during and after the work is completed. During the process, cleanup often requires removing large debris. After construction, cleanup can actually extend far beyond the construction zone because plaster dust gets everywhere. When deciding if you’re going to try to do the cleanup yourself or hire a professional, remember that a construction cleanup professional will have the experience to do the job quickly and correctly, following these best practices. 


Working with a professional cleanup service will take the burden of communication off of you. The general contractor can communicate directly with the service so they know when they can start and what sorts of specialized materials or products they might need. If you used your in-house cleaners, you would likely have to relay this information yourself, and for some unique cleaning situations, you might even confuse the message.

Personal Protective Equipment

It seems like we are talking a lot about PPE, or personal protective equipment, these days. It is crucial to have the right equipment in situations like cleaning up after construction. Cleaners need to be protected with the correct equipment, but they also have to be trained on how to use and wear it correctly. After construction, anyone cleaning the area will need protection for their head (from potential falling debris), eyes, ears, hands, feet, and lungs. A professional team will have the equipment they need, while you would likely have to purchase all of it for your own in-house cleaners.

OSHA Training

Working on a construction site has its own set of OSHA safety procedures that anyone doing cleanup would have to know before starting. A professional team would already have this knowledge and training, whereas your in-house cleaners would probably have to take the training before any cleanup could begin.


This may be one of the biggest things that a novice wouldn’t consider when cleaning up after construction. Air quality is a big deal, and a professional knows how to properly ventilate an area so that any dust or volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) get aired out. Ventilation is critical even when cleaners are wearing ventilators, which is often a surprise to people without proper training.

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