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Concerns With Leaving Debris Around a Construction Site

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Learn all about the problems that can stem from leaving debris around a construction site.

Construction projects can get very messy. What’s worse is that debris can be left behind if staff aren’t careful about cleaning everything up. Cleaning up all of the debris from a construction project is a necessity, and failure to do so could result in people or property getting damaged. If this occurs, your company can be held accountable for the damage that took place. Learn all about the problems that can stem from leaving debris around a construction site.

What Materials Tend to Be Left Behind?

Many construction companies are good about cleaning everything up when their projects are finished, but there is always a chance that some pieces of debris could get left behind. There might be loose nails or scrap metal lying around. Sometimes, there could be raw materials around the construction site as well. These include materials such as plastic, metal, and wood.

How Damage Gets Done

There are many ways that people can get hurt as a result of debris being littered around a construction site. Tripping and falling over different items can be a problem. There are some scenarios in which people could get seriously injured, such as stepping on a leftover nail, which could require them to seek serious medical attention.

Damage doesn’t even stop with people being put at risk. Property can also be compromised if there are pieces of debris that are not cleaned up after a construction project. As an example, extra pieces of roofing might be sitting on the top of a nearby building. If a strong enough storm comes around, these pieces of roofing could get blown off and hurled into other buildings, which can cause significant damage.

Liability Concerns

It’s not always easy to prove who is liable for damages. It helps to have a lawyer around to help with civil claims. There has to be evidence that a company acted in a negligent manner. There needs to be proof that a company didn’t take the right precautions during the cleanup process. If this can be proven, you can often determine that it was the company’s fault that damages took place.

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