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New Year, New Office — Have You Cleaned Your Carpets?

office with clean carpets

Clean carpets make for a more inviting workplace.

2016 is nearly over! Have you made your resolutions for the New Year? One thing that shouldn’t go neglected: your office carpets. Unfortunately, many people overlook the benefits of routine carpet cleaning. If you haven’t already had your carpets cleaned this year, consider the following.


  • Properly maintained carpets have a longer lifespan. Good carpets are a big investment, so it’s worth protecting them. Regularly having your carpets cleaned can significantly extend their life.
  • Provide better indoor air quality. Carpets and other upholstery are the biggest culprit for trapping airborne pollutants. A regular cleaning will ensure that your business maintains good air quality for everyone to enjoy.
  • Clean carpets are easier to maintain. Dry soils are responsible for most carpet soiling. Carpets that are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis make it easier to remove dry soils with just regular vacuuming.
  • Get rid of unsightly stains. Spots and stains can contribute to even more soiling. It’s important to have stains removed promptly to protect the carpet from additional damage.
  • Improves the appearance of your business. Clean carpets give employees and clients a good impression of your business and your facility’s overall cleanliness.
  • Better employee morale. No one likes working in an environment where things are gross and dirty. Routine carpet cleaning can go a long way to a more enjoyable workplace atmosphere with less stress and more comfort.
  • A cleaner, fresher carpet. In addition to making your office look and smell better, professional carpet cleaning will help remove mites and bedbugs that could be lurking within your carpets.
  • Get a better warranty. Many business owners aren’t aware that most carpets come with a warranty that requires regular cleaning using an extraction method. You should have your carpets cleaned at least once every 12 to 18 months. If you haven’t already this year, there’s no better time than now!
  • Get the job done right. Having your carpets cleaned professionally will make sure they are thoroughly cleaned with the best and safest equipment. That way, you won’t be fighting to remove the same stain multiple times.

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