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An Easy Office Cleaning Checklist

office cleaning checklist

We’ll give you an easy office cleaning checklist!

How conscientious is your cleaning company about cleaning your office? Thinking about hiring a new cleaning service? Well in the meantime, why not draw up an easy office cleaning checklist? In this blog, we’ll define that easy checklist for you!


Your Easy Office Cleaning Checklist Should Include the Following


  • Daily Cleaning Tasks:

Reception Area

The reception area forms the first impression of your office. Customers and patients will most likely judge your business or office by how clean the reception area is. Some daily tasks for this area of your office include the following:

  • Empty trash can and replace their liners when needed.
  • Vacuum carpets, mats, and hard floors.
  • Wipe down and disinfect flat surfaces, mainly desks and tables.
  • Remove any cobwebs and fingerprints you might find.
  • Neaten up the area and make sure the belongings are tidy and presentable.


Like in the home, office kitchen and bathrooms see a high volume of traffic. Be sure to focus on these areas, as they are likely to become dirtier much faster than the reception area can. Keeping these areas sanitary are of particular important. To that end, daily tasks for this area of the office include the following:

  • Restock toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap. Ensure these supplies are always plentiful and easy to retrieve whenever necessary. For the kitchen, make sure paper towels, napkins, and soap are easy to get.
  • Polish up the mirrors and make sure they are clean.
  • Wipe down all walls, doors, and surfaces, and possible points of germ contact.
  • Clean, disinfect, and sanitize toilet and urinals.
  • Remove and dispose of any and all trash.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks:

Weekly cleaning tasks are quite simple: all you need to have done is spray down the hard floors and buff them up. The other step is to clean all of the glass both inside and outside the building.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks:


  • Vacuum the vents and chairs: Make sure to vacuum out vents air vents and clean up the chairs of whatever debris might have formed or gathered on the seat, the base and on the wheels.


Keeping Your Businesses Clean with A 360 Cleaning

A 360 Cleaning has provided Maryland with top-notch professional cleaning and janitorial services for over 12 years. We don’t cut corners and ensure that every customer is satisfied with their cleaning. Whether you need a glitter spill cleaned up or an entire office building, we are happy to help! To explore how we can help keep your retail store clean all year long, give us a call at 410-852-5800 or visit us online. For more cleaning tips, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.



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