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How to Clean Your Upholstered Furniture

A 360 Cleaning Upholstered Furniture
Upholstery comes in many different types of fabric, so appropriate care is varied.

While most offices or businesses have a pretty solid cleaning routine, there are many common places that get easily missed on the cleaning schedule, especially if you don’t use a professional cleaning service. These are places that you simply don’t think about or remember unless they get seriously stained or dirtied. One of the best examples of this is your furniture. Unless something was spilled on it—when is the last time your upholstered furniture was cleaned? Read on to learn how to do just that.

Check The Instructions

Did you know that most furniture comes with cleaning instructions, just like your clothes? Since 1969, manufacturers have been adding a tag with a letter code, and that letter corresponds with the cleaning recommendations. Usually, this tag is under the cushions or on the underside of the couch, and the letter codes are W, S, W-S, and X. W means that you can use water-based solvents. S means that you must use water-free, dry cleaning solvents. W-S manes that you can use either. X means that you can use neither (you should only vacuum and/or have a professional clean the upholstery). If you don’t have a tag with a letter, you will need to test clean a hidden part of the fabric to see what the cleaner does each time. 

As-Needed Stain Removal

Whenever you notice a stain on your upholstered furniture, it is important to address it as quickly as possible. Upholstered furniture should not get overly wet, even the stuff labeled W. For most solvents, follow the instructions on the label. For W labeled stuff, you can use a sudsy soap and water solution. Blot up any wetness and remove any solid debris. Next, use a sponge and the appropriate cleaning solution to rub away the stain. Finally, use a microfiber towel wet with clean water to “rinse” the soap away and let it dry.

Weekly Vacuuming

You should be vacuuming your couch at least weekly. If nothing else, this will make sure that you’re getting most of the allergens out of the fabric so that people stay as healthy as possible. Your vacuum should have a HEPA filter and, if possible, a UV light attachment. Don’t forget to vacuum the side of the couch, the underside of the cushions (if they’re removable) or the crevice between them if they’re not, and the bottom of the couch.

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