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5 Tips for Cleaner Windows

A 360 Cleaning Cleaner Windows
Getting cleaner windows is easy—just follow some simple tips and let the sun shine in!

So you’ve got your cleaning routine pretty set by this point. You have a schedule for how often you sweep and how often you mop, and you’ve got a process for disinfecting countertops, and touchpoints. You even know how to clean your upholstered furniture. You are good! But when is the last time you cleaned those windows?  The funny thing about windows is that they get dirty gradually, so we grow accustomed to looking past the smears, and eventually, we don’t see them at all.  Plus, even if you do know the last time you cleaned your windows and it wasn’t forever and a day ago, was it both sides? Windows can be hard to clean because the outside of the window is hard to get to. Read on for several great tips for cleaner windows.

Clean The Curtains

If there are curtains around the window, take them down to wash them first. If you clean the windows first, but the curtains are full of dust, they will just deposit the dust and dirt right back on the clean windows. If you don’t want to take the curtains down, vacuum them.

Clean The Frame

When we think about cleaning windows, we usually grab the glass cleaner and just start spraying. That is not the only part of the window, however. Especially if you have kids around (but, honestly, even if you don’t), the window frame is just as likely to be dirty. Clean the frame and track first so that the sprays of glass cleaner don’t turn that trapped dirty into a drippy sludge.

You Don’t Need Specialty Cleaners

You really can just use warm water and dish soap to clean your windows. You don’t need to go out and buy a special window cleaner. This is especially true in a kitchen where the dirt might be caked on cooking grease. You can also use vinegar to cut grime and leave a streak-free shine.

Don’t Use Paper

Paper products, like paper towels and even newspapers, can leave behind a lot of lint and leave your windows looking dirty even after you spent time cleaning them. Use a microfiber towel instead. If streak-free is really your goal, invest in a squeegee to really wipe away the water and the streaks.

Use A Mop

If you have very high windows, especially if you are cleaning the outsides, use a mop or a microfiber cloth on a long handle to reach the tops. This is a great way to extend your reach, without having to haul out a step ladder. There are tools on the market specifically for this purpose.

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