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How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

A 360 Cleaning Carpets Cleaned
How often you should have your carpets professionally cleaned actually relies on several factors that you should consider before deciding.

Carpet is one of the most versatile ways to cover your floor while adding to your interior décor. However, it becomes such a normal part of your living space that you don’t necessarily think about the need to wash and maintain it unless it’s visibly dirty. How often should you have your carpets cleaned?

How Often Do You Vacuum?

One of the factors that influence how often you need your carpets cleaned is how often you vacuum. If you vacuum the carpet at least once a week already, your carpet is more resilient and less likely to have dirt and debris embedded deep in the carpet fibers. This means that you will require professional carpet cleaning less often. If you don’t vacuum regularly, you should plan on regular carpet cleaning. 

Does Someone in Your House Have Allergies?

Carpet fibers will pick up dander, dead skin cells, dust, and other debris over time. Unfortunately, that can be bad news for those with allergies, as you’ll kick up some of that dust every time you walk across the surface. If you have indoor allergies, you should have your carpets cleaned every 4-6 months, depending on the severity of your reaction. 

Do You Have Cats or Dogs?

Pet hair is another major contributor to how often you need your carpets cleaned. Pets do not just produce pet hair that needs to be removed from the carpet fibers; they also can bring in dirt from outside or urinate on the carpet. Over time, a lack of professional cleaning can leave your carpet smelling like your pets. Working with professionals can get rid of all of the excess dirt and leave behind a pleasant, fresh odor. 

Do You Have Children?

Kids can be hard on the house, whether it’s using crayons to color on the walls or tracking mud across the carpet. You must have your carpet cleaned frequently if you have young kids, especially if they routinely spill juice on the carpet. Even if you clean up quickly, juice and dirt can still leave behind residue. 

Get Your Carpets Cleaned by A 360 Cleaning 

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