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The Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

A 360 Cleaning Professional Upholstery
Professional upholstery cleaning can give your home a huge boost by improving the air quality and offering an unrivaled fresh, clean feeling.

Consider the frequency (and variety) of contact our furniture stoically endures over typically long lifetimes spent in service to our comfort. We plop down unthinkingly on the nearest plop-downable object after a hot day spent working in the yard. Perhaps the pup and its feline frenemy are engaged in an endless high-stakes/high-shed territorial battle over that one mysteriously coveted sofa cushion. -Or maybe a beloved but gastro-intestinally “unpredictable” great uncle likes to make his way (with surprising speed!) to the same recliner immediately after cleaning his plate at every gathering you host.

Point being: upholstery is constantly exposed to the same detritus as any other household surface. By and large, though, it gets cleaned far less frequently than any of these—if ever! With that in mind, I kindly invite you to read about the many benefits professional upholstery cleaning can yield.

Improving or Preventing Health Issues

The molecular miscellany categorized above as “detritus”… over time, that stuff essentially becomes packed into your upholstered surfaces. And so, whenever someone settles in for a sit, they’re incidentally but inevitably launching a cloudburst of dust, spores, skin flakes, etc., into your home.

This can have a detrimental impact on its air quality, both immediately and (more so:) cumulatively. Since we do at least a plurality of our breathing at the ol’ homestead, persistently funky air can, of course, lead to a whole host of health problems. An air filter may take some of the brunt, but this is basically a palliative—one could even say s “Sisyphean”—effort. Upholstery cleaning eliminates the source of any hazardous elements, a comprehensive measure for the benefit of your health and that of any cohabitants or visitors.

Eliminating Odors

Upholstery needs cleaning for more or less the same reasons we need to bathe regularly. Furniture fabrics have an almost impressive odor-retaining capacity, and humans have an equally impressive capacity for becoming inured to smells after sufficient exposure. (Arriving home after a few weeks of vacation often reminds us how “nose blind” we become to our living spaces.) If your upholstery has experienced many years of heavy use and nary a professional cleaning, it’s likely to have acquired a less-than-pleasant aroma… which you might not even detect. Your guests, on the other hand…

Spiffing Things Up

Well-loved, well-used furniture can eventually begin to look like abstract art. The medium?: mixed spills/splotches/stains; the artist?: you!, along with Great Uncle Herkimer, Fido and Mittens, any assorted rug rats, or whomever else finds occasion to lounge. (-An artistic collaboration, of sorts.) Jackson Pollock’s paintings might be considered widely admired if not widely understood. For onlookers, the exact inverse applies to a smudged and speckled loveseat: well understood but certainly not admired. A professional cleaning can easily restore that fresh-off-the-display-floor spotlessness.

Extending Furniture Lifespans

Keeping your upholstery clean will go a long way toward bolstering the general “health” of your furniture, and, therefore, its longevity. For example, a patch of grease left indefinitely to its own greasy devices can weaken and damage fabric surfaces. Collected this-and-that particles accumulating between cracks can wreak similar havoc, given enough time. An issue of aesthetics escalates into an issue of structural integrity.

Though natural enough to take for granted, furniture is a long-term investment. and a bit of upkeep is necessary for optimizing your return. As is often the case, “prevention” is much simpler (and cheaper) than “cure” when it comes to household fabrics. To this end, a high-quality professional upholstery cleaning is both the most efficient and the most effective means of achievement available.

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