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How Often Should Commercial Carpets Be Cleaned?

A 360 Cleaning Commercial Carpets Cleaned
There are a few important factors to consider that will help you to determine how often you should have your commercial carpets cleaned.

For the most part, commercial buildings that have carpet will require a certain level of cleaning and maintenance overall — compared to those with hardwood floors or other types of flooring. In fact, carpets are very popular among commercial buildings because of how effective they are at being aesthetically pleasing as a compliment to a wide array of industries and settings. The reality is, if you have a commercial building and are wondering whether carpet maintenance is doable — there are some key things you’ll want to keep in mind — specifically, how often your commercial carpets will need to be cleaned. Ultimately, to extend the overall lifespan of your commercial carpets, cleaning them on a routine schedule can really make a world of a difference. Here are some excellent tips and tricks that can end up saving the life of your commercial carpets for many years to come.

Consider the Amount of Foot Traffic

There is really no denying that a lot of foot traffic will tend to affect your carpets. In fact, with commercial carpets, it becomes increasingly important that building owners take the time to create a maintenance and cleaning schedule that is based on the amount of foot traffic the building receives. The reality is, the more foot traffic a facility gets, the more often you should have your commercial carpets cleaned. Ultimately, cleaning your commercial carpets more often might be what you end up with to ensure a pleasant appearance throughout the years. 

Immediately Handling Any Stains or Spills

Commercial carpets are only as long-lasting as owners maintain them — which also means that it becomes imperative for property owners to tackle spills and stains as soon as they occur. In fact, cleaning commercial carpets as soon as any spill or stain happens is essential to preserving the overall lifespan of your commercial carpet down the line. The reality is, preventing spills from even happening can be effective as well. Ultimately, any spots or new spills need to be handled with care — which means avoid rubbing them into the commercial carpet itself — that can actually lead to total damage of your commercial carpet and ruin it forever. 

Cleaning Tips and Services From A 360 Cleaning

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