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Spots That Can Get Neglected During Office Cleaning

Spots That Can Get Neglected During Office Cleaning
Here are some of the areas you should keep in the back of your mind so that you don’t forget to address them during office cleaning.

Your office says a lot about what your business represents. If people see that everything is neat and tidy, they’ll think that you have a well-organized business. However, if everything is messy, people might end up judging your business after mere minutes of entering it. This is why cleaning your office regularly is a necessity. The problem is that there are many areas that can get forgotten while cleaning. Here are some of the areas you should keep in the back of your mind so that you don’t forget to address them during office cleaning.

Underneath Tables and Chairs

The surfaces of tables and chairs often get cleaned without a problem. However, the bottoms of chairs and tables can be forgotten. This is an issue because these spaces can attract dust very easily. Take some extra time and look under your chairs and tables to see if any dust or cobwebs have formed. If you haven’t cleaned these spaces recently, you’re almost certain to find quite a mess.


Doorknobs are notorious for hosting a plethora of different bacteria. They are among the most touched areas of your office on a daily basis. To minimize your chances of getting people sick, make sure that office cleaning includes getting your doorknobs disinfected.

Under Your Carpets

While your carpets might look clean on the surface, there can be a huge mess underneath. Don’t try to cover up any dirt and dust your carpets are harboring. Instead, take some time to clean out the dirt and keep your office space more hygienic.

Ceiling Fans & Wall Fans

Dirt doesn’t just accumulate on the ground. Your fans can also gather dirt over time. If you neglect your fans for a long enough period of time, don’t be surprised when your blades are caked in dust. Take a few minutes to brush the dust off of your fan blades to keep them cleaner.

Air Conditioners

Because of how air conditioners work, they are bound to attract dust. However, they’re still devices that don’t always get cleaned. Some businesses only get them addressed annually by a service technician. This allows dust to pile up rapidly, so make sure you get these units addressed during office cleaning. If you don’t, your air conditioning units won’t function as efficiently as they should, and your air quality can go down.

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