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The Importance Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Commercial carpet cleaning is good for business!

When it comes to keeping your business running its best it’s easy to forget about your flooring. You likely vacuum and sweep often enough, but when was the last time you had those carpets deep cleaned? This crucial step in office maintenance is routinely skipped, and yet it’s an easy way to improve employee health, productivity, lower your overall costs, and impress customers. Today we’ll walk you through why you need to add carpet cleaning to your office to-do list.

Increased Employee Productivity

Having a clean, well-kept office shows that you care about your business on more than just a profit level. When your employees recognize that you care they are far more likely to put in the extra effort. Not to mention, a dirty office is often uncomfortable and can make it difficult to focus. When your workplace is clean and comfortable, you set high standards for your employees to aim for.  

Better Interior Air Quality

Along with having a motivational impact, clean carpets can improve the interior air quality of your office and reduce illness, allergies, and absenteeism due to illness. Carpets hold and trap all kind of airborne germs and irritants, especially mold and pollen. When these pollutants build up, they can cause increases in illness due to both the allergens and the bacteria. Routine carpet cleaning can keep these issues at a minimum, keeping your employees healthy and at the office.  

Improve Customer Retention

No matter how unique or great your services, if your office is a mess customers will take notice. Carpeting shows its wear worse than many other materials, if employees walk through with dirty shoes, or if anything spills, they can easily stain. Additionally, carpet tends to trap odors, keeping them clean will make customers feel far more willing to stay.

Long-term Carpet Durability

Lastly, using preventative care on your carpeting can help increase its longevity saving you money over time. When you regularly clean you will remove much of the dirt that causes abrasion and wear.

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