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4 Office Cleaning Tips

4 Office Cleaning Tips

Use these tips to keep your office clean!

When was the last time you cleaned your office space? If you have to think about it, it probably has been too long. Try to remember that a cluttered office tends to lead to a cluttered mind. If you want some help with keeping a clean office, keep reading for a few helpful tips!

Get Rid Of Excess Paper

We are currently living in a digital age. Nowadays, so many office tasks are done electronically. Paper is becoming more and more insignificant. However, many people are still guilty of harboring old papers that no longer serve purposes. At the end of each week, try to rid your office of unnecessary papers.


It is quite remarkable how quickly dust accumulates in untouched areas. For example, the tops of computers tend to gather dust rather quickly. Be sure to wipe it down every few weeks. Other areas dusty areas to lookout for include computer monitors, file cabinets, and printers.

Get Rid Of Old Food

Are you going to eat that apple that has been sitting on your desk for the last two weeks? Sometimes, you just need to be honest with yourself and cut your losses. Everyone is guilty of leaving food on their desk or in the fridge at some point or another. If you know you are not going to eat something, throw it away before it starts to smell and attract insects. Your coworkers will thank you for it.

Get Rid Of Writing Utensils

How many pens do you need? Many people are guilty of keeping excessive amounts of pens and other writing utensils on their desks. You only really need five to ten pens. If you have dozens of pens sprinkled throughout your desk, chances are some of them don’t even work anymore anyways.

Cleaning Tips and Services from A 360 Cleaning

A 360 Cleaning has provided Maryland with top-notch professional cleaning and janitorial services for over 12 years. We don’t cut corners and ensure that every customer is satisfied with their cleaning. Whether you need a glitter spill cleaned up or an entire office building, we are happy to help! We currently serve the following areas: Baltimore, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Severna Park. To explore how we can help keep your windows clean all year long, give us a call at 410-852-5800 or visit us online. For more cleaning tips, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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