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Why a Dirty Office is a Problem

Why a Dirty Office is a Problem
Having a daily, weekly, and/or monthly cleaning schedule is the best way to avoid the problem of a dirty work office.

A dirty office is a problem in almost any industry. There are certain work areas that we expect to be dirty, like a construction site or a mechanic’s garage, but the actual office space associated with these industries we still expect to be clean. A dirty office is an eyesore, but it also adds unnecessary danger to your business. Whether you’re hiring a service or doing the cleaning yourself, it should be a regular occurrence. Having a daily, weekly, and/or monthly cleaning schedule is the best way to avoid the problem of a dirty work office.

Customer Or Client Impressions

One of the biggest dangers you face from a dirty office is to your business’s bottom line. When either a client or customer visits your business, their first impression is going to play a huge role in their decision to give you their business. If your office is visibly dirty, that first impression is going to be a bad one. Clutter and dirt around the area makes it look like you aren’t organized. An office with stained carpets that aren’t maintained will give the impression that you have the same lack of attention to detail and follow-through in your work. Neither of those are good impressions for any business, regardless of industry. Finally, with concerns about COIVD still front-and-center, a dirty office will feel like one that is not safe to be in because it hasn’t been sterilized.

Employee Physical Health

If you have employees physically working in the office right now, another risk of a dirty office is to their health. As mentioned above, an office that is dirty isn’t being kept up to CDC standards to protect people from the virus, both customers and employees. But there are more health concerns than just COVID. Accumulating dirt and dust can be a trigger for asthma and other respiratory concerns. Trash, old food, and other debris can attract rodents that carry diseases. And finally, a cluttered area can be a hazard for tripping or other physical injury. 


Finally, don’t discount the effects of a dirty office on mental health and morale. Clutter and dirt can make people feel more overwhelmed and stressed out. If your employees have ADHD or other types of neurodivergence, a cluttered work space can actually decrease productivity. Ultimately, a fresh and clean office helps everyone feel more energized and ready to work.

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