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Winter Cleaning Checklist for Businesses

A 360 Cleaning Winter Checklist
A simple winter cleaning checklist can keep your business looking its best throughout the cold season.

Keeping your business clean is important work all year long, but it feels even more important and more difficult during the winter. This time of year, all sorts of dirt and grime are tracked inside on shoes and coats, from road salt to mud. It is also cold and flu season, so those germs are another hazard that you have to battle with a good, consistent winter cleaning routine. The following list is a brief outline of the cleaning duties you should be managing during the winter, though there is no shame in reaching out to the professionals to help you – after all, you’re already doing the work of running your business, professional cleaners can help you keep it clean.

Daily Disinfecting And Dusting

During the winter, it is even more important than the rest of the year to disinfect the common areas. Wipe down touch points and any high-traffic zones, like break rooms or bathrooms. Don’t forget the handles on the doors, including the cabinets and the fridge and microwave. Hit the most commonly missed areas of an office with a disinfectant wipe or a spray and a rag and (with permission) the workstations of employees. If you see dust accumulating, you haven’t disinfected everything thoroughly. 

Sparkling Floors

The winter weather can make a mess of your floors, so spend time mopping hard floor surfaces and cleaning carpets to keep your floors looking nice. Most of the people who walk into your business will notice if your floors are a mess (or, worse, dangerously slippery) and develop a poor opinion of your business.

Clean Air

Regularly change air filters and take time to clean the vents or grates around your business. If you have ceiling fans, clean the dust that accumulates on the fan blades as well.

Tidy Entrances

Finally, when you’re cleaning a workplace, it is easy to accidentally apply all your focus to the areas where the majority of the work happens and overlook others. Don’t forget your entryway. In many cases, it is the first thing customers or clients really pay attention to. Keep this area tidy by spending time each day dusting and vacuuming to get the extra winter debris (like road salt and leaves) that get tracked in. Make sure that you have a hand sanitizing station and a supply of masks (even if you don’t require them) at the entrance to your business as well. 

Cleaning Tips and Services from A 360 Cleaning

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