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What is Included in Medical Office Cleaning

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Clean floors that shine are essential for any medical office.

If you are a medical professional, or work in a medical office you may be in charge of hiring a company to make sure your office stays clean and presentable. Choosing the right cleaning company can be difficult, especially if you aren’t satisfied with your current service. Here are the basic services you should look for when hiring a professional cleaning service for your medical office.


A good medical facilities cleaning company should be able to clean any type of flooring, and offer deep cleaning services for carpeted areas or waxing and refinishing for other types of flooring. A clean medical office floor will let your patients know you are dedicated to keep your facilities clean and keeping them healthy.

Windows and Other Glass Surfaces

Smudged windows or doors are instantly noticeable, especially to clients and patients. Keeping these surfaces clean are essential to your businesses’ image. A professional cleaning company will understand that keeping glass clean and streak free will help your facilities be presented in the right light.

Examination Rooms and Medical Suites

Keeping examination rooms and medical suites clean and sanitary are vital to the operation of your medical office. A cleaning service should understand that these areas are specialized rooms and need special care. Wiping down, dusting and sanitizing all work surfaces is an important aspect of keeping a medical office clean and sterile. 

Trash Removal

Trash removal is a particularly delicate job in a medical office. The combination of ordinary office waste and the various, and potentially hazardous, medical waste makes this a job that requires a professional with experience in medical cleaning.

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