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Spring Cleaning Series: Cleaning a Medical Office

Cleaning a medical office

It’s spring cleaning time! Don’t forget about your medical office when you’re writing your to-do list.

It is officially spring! No more wishful thinking based on the weather, no more using a groundhog as a meteorologist. The calendar says spring started on Sunday, March 20th, and so it shall be! As self-proclaimed cleaning aficionados, that means that the time of spring cleaning has dawned upon us. This post marks the beginning of a series we’ll be posting over the next few weeks, highlighting spring cleaning tips in various commercial spaces. We already discussed spring cleaning tips for the office back when we were excited about a burst of warm weather, and now we want to focus on another one of our services: spring cleaning a medical office.

DIY Tips for Spring Cleaning a Medical Office

Whether you’re in between professional medical office cleanings, or you’ve yet to give us a call, it’s a good idea to take some steps yourself to keep your medical practice clean as can be. For the health and peace of mind of your patients, your medical office should always be both visually clean and sanitary. Here are some steps you can take toward that goal.

  • First, take a step out of your doctor or nurse shoes and look at your office from the perspective of a patient. Does it look really clean? When patients walk into your office, whether for the first time or the twentieth, they’ll expect you to be maintaining cleanliness standards. Is your reception area free of clutter and garbage? Is there any visible dirt or signs of inattention to detail? Take care of visible problems first to show your patients that you’re tidy and clean.
  • Take the time to assess some standard business spring cleaning practices not related to the medical field. How’s your décor? Do your windows need cleaning? Do your receptionists and nurses need new scrubs? Running low on any supplies? Any of these housekeeping items should also be taken care of during spring cleaning time.
  • Now that everything is in order, it’s time for sanitation. It’s imperative for medical offices to frequently and thoroughly eliminate germs and bacteria to keep everyone in the office healthy, meaning both healthy patients and your office’s employees.

Call in the Professionals

Taking these steps to clean your medical office is a great start in having it truly clean. Many medical offices will even include cleaning as part of your rent, but those services can be cursory and undedicated. At A360 Cleaning we understand the importance of thoroughly cleaning a medical office. Our staff is trained and practiced in ensuring that every surface in the facility is spot-free and germ-free. We’re also skilled in other cleaning services like carpet and window cleaning — things that can pass under the radar in the chaos of a medical office.

If you’d like to skip the manual labor and just get started with a professional service from us, we understand — cleaning can be a pain. Luckily we love it enough to make it our livelihood and have honed our craft to be a top-of-the-line professional cleaning service. Give us a call today to set up an appointment! And be sure to check back with our blog in coming weeks to catch future installments of our spring cleaning series!

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