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When Do You Need Professional Upholstery Cleaning?

When Do You Need Professional Upholstery Cleaning?
Here are some common events that should encourage you to schedule professional upholstery cleaning.

We have talked before about the role of professional upholstery cleaning in preserving the life of your furniture, but how often should you have your office furniture cleaned? The frequency with which you clean the upholstery in your building depends on a few factors, but there are some settings and special events that require more frequent cleaning. Keeping your furniture’s upholstery clean and well-maintained can help your business look more professional, and it can cut down on bacteria and viruses in your offices and waiting rooms. Here are some common events that should encourage you to schedule professional upholstery cleaning.

Medical and Family Settings

If your business is in the medical field, your standards of cleanliness are much higher than most commercial properties. Because of this, you should have your upholstery cleaned more often. Although many medical, dental, and veterinary offices use germ-resistant furniture, they should still have their offices cleaned and sanitized regularly. Bacteria, viruses, and allergens can hide away in your furniture’s upholstery, causing health problems for your employees and visitors. Because of this, businesses that cater to children or the elderly should also have their upholstery cleaned frequently. Children and older adults often have immune systems that are weakened or not fully developed, which can make the impact of exposure to pathogens more severe. 

New Staff

When you assign new staff members to old offices, they can inherit germs, dirt, and grime along with their office furniture. Having their office furniture professionally cleaned can give your new employees a clean slate. Not only will this make your employees feel more at ease in their new space, but it can also reduce the likelihood that your new employees get sick when they first start out. Cleaning or sanitizing hand-me-down office furniture cuts down on bacteria and viruses that might be lurking on office chairs, couches, and curtains.

Reorganizing Furniture or Staff

Moving furniture around within your building can breathe new life into your space. Similarly, reorganizing staff and switching offices around can keep people engaged. However, making these changes can also introduce pathogens to new areas. Not only can employees be exposed to germs from their coworkers, but moving furniture can also stir up dust bunnies that have been lurking between cushions, underneath chairs, and behind couches. Having your upholstery professionally cleaned right before or after moving furniture around can make your office space feel like new.

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