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Myths About Cleaning Windows

Myths About Cleaning Windows
Here are some of the myths that have been mentioned about cleaning windows.

Any type of window is going to need to be cleaned, and it’s not always clear what the best cleaning method is.  Over time, myths have developed revolving around how to clean windows, but some of these myths have either always been deemed entirely untrue, or they are now considered outdated. We want to be sure there isn’t any confusion about window cleaning so that you don’t end up using a less effective cleaning method. Here are some of the myths that have been mentioned about cleaning windows.

“Use Newspaper to Polish Your Windows”

This is something that was considered appropriate for window cleaning several decades ago. Today, however, this is not a valid cleaning method. Newspapers aren’t as thick as they were in the past since printers are required to save more money these days, which results in thinner papers. These thinner newspapers just don’t do the job like the newspapers of yesterday.

Instead, you’ll want to use microfiber cloths when getting your windows polished. These cloths prove to be much more efficient for window polishing.

“People Won’t Notice Dirty Windows”

While we may hope that nobody notices dirty windows, this is not true. People will notice dirt on windows fairly easily, and dirt adds onto them all of the time, even if nobody is touching them. The dirt on windows becomes even more apparent when light shines on them. It allows the dirt’s haze to be shown more prominently, which can be an unpleasant sight for anyone passing by. By getting your windows cleaned, everyone walking by them will notice differences immediately.

“Spot Cleaning is Sufficient for Window Cleaning”

Spot cleaning is a short-term solution at best for window cleaning. However, this method is not sustainable. If you try to get by with spot cleaning alone, it’s going to catch up with you later. It isn’t nearly as effective as a true thorough cleaning of your windows, and it won’t take much time for people to take notice of whether your windows are getting a true cleaning versus a minor and cursory touch-up.

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