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How Windows Can Get Dirty

How Windows Can Get Dirty
These are a few manners in which windows can become dirty.

Dirty windows can be such a bother. Even if they don’t hinder visibility too much, they just aren’t the most pleasant sight, and they can keep your building from having an otherwise perfect appearance. If you want to keep windows clean, you have to know what can get them dirty in the first place. These are a few manners in which windows can become dirty.


This may come as a surprise, considering water sounds like it would clean your windows rather than make them dirty. However, even though the rain itself can be clean, it still plays a role in making your windows dirty.

Sometimes, the environment itself can cause clean rain to become dirty, courtesy of influences such as acidity. In other cases, rain can drag pieces of debris from other places and put them on your windows to make them dirty. Examples of substances that can get dragged by rain include dirt and pollen.


This is a concern for buildings that work with food. When people are cooking, steam often starts to spread, and the steam can hover over to your windows, where it will ultimately rest and make cleaning your windows more difficult. Steam can accumulate as time goes on, so you’ll want to get it off your windows as soon as possible, so it doesn’t have time to build up too much.

Streets That Are Close to the Building

Cars can kick up a lot of dirt, so when your building is close to the road, you’re likely going to get plenty of dirt thrown onto your windows. If your building is close to busy streets, you’ll probably have to clean them more frequently.

Waterborne Minerals

Groundwater has many useful applications. This is the type of water that will come from your garden hose at home, and there are minerals in this water that you can drink without problems. However, these minerals are not good to have on your windows, and they can be left over during the drying process if you aren’t careful. Because of this, quick spraying any windows you have is likely not the best method for getting them clean.

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