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Preventing Dust From Getting Through Your Windows

Preventing Dust From Getting Through Your Windows
Here are prevention methods you can try to stop dust from getting through windows and into your building.

It’s a chore having to deal with dust around your building. Dust spreads to so many areas, and it can affect people’s breathing as well. To deal with dust, we should first know where it finds its way into your business. In many instances, your windows serve as the gateway for dust particles. So how do we keep dust from finding its way through your windows? Here are prevention methods you can try to stop dust from getting through windows and into your building.

Windows Should Stay Closed

This is one of the best methods you can try, and it’s, fortunately, one of the easiest methods too. When your windows are open, there are much bigger spaces for dust to get from outside into your business. By closing them, you significantly reduce the access points dust can use to get inside. You especially want windows closed if your business is located near busy streets because dust gets kicked up more easily when there’s plenty of foot traffic.

Regularly Clean Your Windows

Regardless of where you are or how much traffic is in your area, dust will find its way to your windows, and it will stay there. If left unchecked, this dust can accumulate quite rapidly, but as long as you stay on top of cleaning procedures and you check on your windows frequently, dust shouldn’t have a chance to get out of control.

Wipe the Dust Off of Your Window Sill

You need to keep the glass of your windows clean for sure, but you also have to pay attention to your window sills. When you finish getting the glass cleaned, there will be some dust that falls onto these window sills. This can be an issue because it will cause dust to spread around the building whenever you move curtains. By dealing with dust as it appears, you won’t have to worry about scattering any dust later on.

Get a Dust Screen Installed on Your Windows

Dust screens are great for businesses that are near busy streets since they significantly lower how much dust gets into your building. If you have a dust screen, you can even feel free to open up your windows without the concern of having too much dust gather along your building’s interior.

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