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Benefit of Commercial Window Cleaning

One caveat about owning a commercial property is that you are also responsible for updating and maintaining the windows. Some commercial properties can have dozens of windows, and if left uncared for too long, it can lead to your business looking dingy, dirty, and dim. Why not hire a commercial cleaning service to clean your windows and let the light shine in?

Commercial-Window-Cleaning There are several reasons why your office might benefit from hiring a service like ours:

  1. A clean environment promotes a healthy atmosphere. If employees are able to look out the window to see a bustling cityscape or a leafy grove as opposed to squinting through a stained window, it can make them feel much more positive about their surroundings.
  2. Not too many employees want to add “Window cleaning” to their list of responsibilities when it comes to working in an office. The benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service go a long way, especially in helping to create a clean environment that is well maintained.
  3. Cleaning windows on multi-story or high-rise buildings is a special skill that most people aren’t trained for (unless you’re Spiderman.) Commercial window cleaning companies train employees to use proper equipment and take appropriate measures to prevent unwanted accidents or breaking any windows. This can go a long way in making sure that your liability insurance stays just that – insurance, and not a claim.
  4. Your employees won’t be the only ones who appreciate the transparent, clean windows after a thorough window cleaning service finishes. It can be a huge booster to a good first impression for a potential client. If an office projects an appearance of slovenliness and sloppiness, a prospective client might think the office’s business practices are the same. Clean windows project orderliness, organization, and sophistication – all of which are good things to demonstrate to a new client!
  5. If you are leasing a commercial property, one of the conditions of your lease may be to maintain the property. Commercial window cleaning services can help you maintain that condition of the lease and promote a positive relationship between tenant and landlord. Furthermore, window cleaners can immediately inform management of any damage to the windows, allowing for immediate repairs and overall cost benefit to the company.


At A 360 Cleaning, we specialize in commercial window cleaning services for a number of different job sites. We know how important it is to keep a healthy and clean environment, which is why our staff is trained and equipped with the tools and techniques necessary to keep your building sanitary and safe.A 360 Cleaning offers commercial cleaning services for the following areas:


Anne Arundel County

Baltimore County

Baltimore City

Howard County

Prince George’s County


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