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Common Issues a Floor Buffer Can Face

Common Issues a Floor Buffer Can Face
Here are some of the more common reasons your floor buffer might not be working.

Whenever equipment breaks down, it results in that equipment being unavailable for a certain amount of time. If people don’t have the necessary equipment, it takes much more time to get tasks completed. This means productivity suffers and labor expenses go on the rise. This holds true for all pieces of equipment, including your floor buffer.

It’s important to know if your floor buffer just needs a quick fix or if professional intervention is needed. Some problems with them are more common than others. Here are some of the more common reasons your floor buffer might not be working.

Your Floor Buffer Doesn’t Turn On

Floor buffers that don’t turn on are a bother, and there are a few different reasons for this happening. Sometimes, the buffer just isn’t plugged in, so do a double-check and be sure everything is plugged in first. Sometimes, the plug falls out, or it wasn’t placed into a working outlet. You can test for a faulty outlet by putting a different device into the same outlet. If the other device also fails to turn on, then the outlet is to blame.

Your Floor Buffer Doesn’t Stay On

If your floor buffer only turns on briefly, it won’t be able to function at its full capacity. Sometimes, your floor buffer is unable to stay on because the buffer tripped a wall circuit. This either means the circuit gets briefly overloaded, or there is a short in whatever device is plugged into the outlet.

Circuits can trip if too much power gets drawn at once or if the circuit is being strained too much. Whenever motors draw out high amperage, power stops being given by the electrical circuit breaker.

To get this problem resolved, find out if the outlet gives power to any other devices you have. If other devices can receive energy from the outlet, then the problem has nothing to do with the outlet. This means that your buffer circuit breaker could possibly have been tripped. If other devices are unable to get energy from the outlet, then it’s possible that the outlet itself is experiencing issues.

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