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Incentives to Getting Your Floors Stripped and Waxed

Here is why you should be getting your floors stripped and waxed to keep them clean.

Floors take a lot of abuse, whether it be from constant foot traffic or the debris that follows. For those who own businesses, you don’t want your customers to see a dirty floor when they walk in. You want your floor to be presentable so that you give off a strong first impression. When it comes to floor cleaning, stripping and waxing won’t often be the first things that come to mind, but they play a heavy role in making your business look more inviting. Properly stripped and waxed floors add more beauty and durability to the floors you have in your business. Here is why you should be getting your floors stripped and waxed to keep them clean.

It Stops Scratches

Your floor’s wax coating gets worn down over time as people keep walking all over it. Once it gets worn enough, your floor will start to scratch and look less appealing. If you wax and strip your floor, your wax coating will remain strong and protect your floor from damage.

Stop Tiles From Lifting

Once your protective coating gets worn down, your tiles become susceptible to the elements, including debris and water. Water that is able to get into the cracks and crevices of your tiles will get the glue waterlogged, so it won’t adhere anymore. This causes floors to have their tiles lift up. Keep your protective coating safe so that your tiles stay where they need to be.

Prevent Staining and Discoloration

If you don’t have the right amount of protection, foot traffic will cause your floors to lose their luster and color. This is often due to the dirt and debris that accumulates on your floors and because your floors aren’t properly protected with wax coatings.

High Shine

Keeping your floors maintained by getting them stripped and waxed regularly gives them an alluring shine. It will make mopping a more efficient task as well and give you a surface that is easier to clean. Give customers a proper greeting by welcoming them with the shine of a properly stripped and waxed flooring. It’s this unforgettable glow that people won’t forget.

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