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It’s Time for Fall Cleaning

A 360 Cleaning Fall
As the fall season approaches, there are some important cleaning tasks to do to get your home ready for the falling leaves and colder weather.

Fall is once more upon us: the season of change, pumpkin-spice proliferation, and… cleaning?

In fact, yes! Though not as culturally ubiquitous as its spring counterpart, autumn cleaning is easily as important. With the hazards of winter right around the corner, now’s your opportunity to spruce/shore up the ol’ homestead in advance.

Follow along below with our handy guide to fall cleaning. 

1. Gutters and Spouts

  • If leaves and assorted debris are left to pile up in the tracts, bowing/weakening of your gutter system is almost certain. Furthermore, standing muck means standing moisture; mildew and wood rot can result, which often cause leaks and other roof damage.
  • After the initial cleaning, recheck your downspouts and gutters regularly during autumn. Multiple “maintenance” sweeps will ultimately minimize your total time atop the ladder.
  • Speaking of: safety matters above all else. Inspect your ladder prior to seasonal use, and always double check that it’s sturdily positioned on level terrain before ascent.

2. Outdoor Equipment

  • Pick a mild afternoon to give your outdoor furnishings a thorough cleaning before putting them in storage for the winter. Dirt and stains will be much more stubborn about leaving if left to set in for months.
  • If there are pieces you don’t plan to stow away, be sure to protect them with waterproof coverings.
  • Your lawnmower and other motorized appliances have likely put in a good summer’s worth of work. Schedule any necessary repairs now during the off-season, and they’ll be rarin’ to go again next year.

3. Windows

  • Storm windows (and doors) bolster your home’s insulation, making it more energy- and cost-efficient. If you’re not equipped with these, considering their installation would be to your benefit.
  • Remove all window screens and give each a good scrubbing (with an eye out for anything in need of repair) prior to storage.

4. Self-Inspection

  • Take the time to give your property a comprehensive once-over, looking out for any cracks or irregularities in the siding, roof, foundation, etc.
  • When the temp starts plummeting, plenty of little critters will be looking for a place of refuge. Make sure your pest defenses are ready.
  • It’s always a good idea to have your heating system professionally checked in this transitional time.

5. Indoor Tasks to Round Out Your Fall Cleaning

  • If you have a chimney, schedule inspection and sweeping now. Doing so annually is an absolute must, as soot build-up can become a major fire hazard.
  • Check that all fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly. Swap batteries—or units—as needed.
  • Make sure the indoor air filters for your heating system don’t need replacing.
  • After cleaning your ceiling fan blades, remember to reverse their direction (-you’ll see the little switch). This will keep warm air recirculating rather than being constantly sucked upward.

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