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Keeping Carpets Clean Around Your Restaurant

Keeping Carpets Clean Around Your Restaurant
Different types of carpets need different cleaning methods and techniques.

Think about all of the restaurants you’ve been to recently and picture the floors. In most of them, the floors are likely tile, vinyl, or some other hard material. This is because these flooring choices are easy to keep clean with just a broom and occasional mop. That doesn’t mean carpet can’t work for restaurants, however. In many nice restaurants, carpets help lessen the noise of footsteps a chatter and create a more peaceful atmosphere. If you’re going to have carpets in your restaurant, though, you must know how to keep them clean.

Do Your Homework

Different types of carpets need different cleaning methods and techniques. Long-haired carpets require more nightly cleaning than short-haired ones, and some rug fibers stain more easily than others. Make sure you know all the details of your carpets before putting new cleaning policies in place.

Use Mats

Walk-off mats are a must to limit what gets tracked onto your carpets and prevent unnecessary staining. Make sure you install them between the kitchen and the dining room to prevent staff from tracking grease out onto the carpets and in front of exterior doors to prevent guests from tracking in dirt from outside.

Tackle Spills

Spills happen, and trying to get the spilled materials up as soon as you possibly can should be your goal to limit long-term damage and carpet staining. After the spill is cleaned, you have to get out any remaining bacteria caught in the rug fibers. Use a steam cleaning system or an anti-bacterial cleaner to spot treat each spill.

Combat Grease

Grease from spills isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. Airborne grease from cooking processes can be absorbed by rug fibers causing them to look and smell dirty before they should. Your carpet cleaning procedures should combat grease effectively, or you need new ones. You could also consider carpet finishing sprays that repel greases.

Embrace A Cleaning Routine

Finally, you will need a solid cleaning routine for your carpets, and you must make sure your staff is trained and ready to follow the routine. It should include nightly upkeep, including a thorough vacuuming and possibly daily treatment for bacteria removal. If your cleaning standards include spot cleaning whenever there is a spill, that part may not be necessary. You should also schedule routine deep cleaning and consider hiring a professional service. Depending on the size of your restaurant and the volume of business you do, this may need to be done weekly or every two weeks and the deep cleaning will likely happen overnight as well.

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