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Causes for Recurring Stains in Carpeting

Causes for Recurring Stains in Carpeting
Read on to discover the reasons for recurring stains in your carpeting.

Have you ever been cleaning your carpet and wondered why a particular stain is giving you so much trouble? Sometimes, it feels as if some stains never come out, and even if they seem to go away, it won’t be long until they’ve returned.  This can be incredibly frustrating because of how much energy you put into keeping your carpets clean just to have your work be for nothing. There are a few reasons that carpets will have recurring stains, and we’re going to discuss those reasons at length now. Read on to discover the reasons for recurring stains in your carpeting.


The first cause of recurring stains in carpeting is what is known as wicking. When wicking occurs, it’s because stains reappear from underneath the carpet. This can happen whether you clean your carpet on your own or even if you get a professional to help you.

Here is how wicking begins. To provide you with a scenario, let’s say a cup of coffee gets spilled onto the carpet. Your natural response might be to get a rag so you can spot clean the afflicted area, and it appears that the stain comes out immediately. However, this is only a temporary victory. When wicking occurs, the stain cannot be addressed at surface level because it works its way deeper into your carpet. Because of this, whenever you try to clean your carpet, the stain hidden underneath will keep resurfacing indefinitely.

To deal with wicking, you could try the heat transfer method, involving a water mixture and some vinegar, a towel, and an iron. Another option is soaking the spot by using water and a cleaning agent, making sure to soak down to the padding of your carpet, and then apply sufficient pressure with a towel so you can get to the spill buried deep within the carpet.

Rapid Re-Soiling

This cause of recurring stains happens when you use over-the-counter products to clean your carpeting. After using these chemicals, residue gets left behind, and this residue is not easily removed. This residue attracts dirt to your carpeting more easily. Not many common cleaning products are designed to remove stains and keep them out.

To stop rapid re-soiling from happening, use carpet-cleaning products that don’t produce residue and aren’t detergent either. You can also bring in the help of a professional carpet cleaning company.

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