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4 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Service

commercial janitorial service
Here are four of the many benefits of hiring a commercial janitorial service.

If you are without a janitorial crew for your commercial building, you may be considering hiring your own personal staff of janitors. While that is certainly an option, a more desirable path may be hiring a commercial janitorial service to clean your property. Let a service handle the mess of doing the paperwork for you. Here are four of the many benefits of hiring a commercial janitorial service.

1. The Commercial Janitorial Service Takes Care of Hiring

The fact that janitorial service staff are not your employees is a great thing. Because you are hiring their company rather than the janitorial staff as individuals, you do not have to go through the hassle of interviewing, hiring, and onboarding a load of people. While commercial janitorial service staff may receive benefits from their employer, you do not have to perform any administrative duties regarding those benefits. Utilizing the services of a company takes some of the stress off of you and your human resources and accounting staff.

2. Well-Trained Professionals

With a commercial janitorial service, you are dealing with professional cleaners who already know how to clean well. They are experienced with a wide variety of messes, cleaning materials, and equipment, and you do not have to spend resources on training them. Commercial janitorial services make it their business to contract out experienced cleaners so that no client gets unsatisfactory service. You do not get a service guarantee like that when you hire individuals.

3. Access to Equipment

Many commercial janitorial services have equipment that they can send out with their employees. This means that you may not have to invest in a pressure washer, floor buffer, or any other large piece of cleaning equipment or pay for the associated maintenance costs. You also will likely not have to worry about supplying clean rags or laundering janitorial textiles.

4. On-Call Services

When your building experiences a cleaning emergency, it can be impossible to call in individual janitorial staff to take care of the problem. With a commercial janitorial service, a quick call to your cleaning service can allow you to get the services of on-call cleaning staff. Because of the relatively large number of people working for your janitorial service, you will not have to worry about people calling out.

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