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4 Commercial Cleaning Strategies to Combat Dust

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Here are four strategies that your professional commercial cleaning service can use to combat dust.

Commercial properties like offices, hotels, and stores can seem impossible to keep clean. People tend to bring messes with them, especially when they pass through in droves. While low-traffic areas can have fewer messes, they are a great place for dust to accumulate. Dust, dirt, and lint are not only unsightly, but they also exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms. Here are four strategies that your professional commercial cleaning service can use to combat dust.

1. Strategize

When tackling a dusty office, one of the first things you should do is strategize. Learn where the dust tends to accumulate and pay special attention to those areas. Always work from top to bottom; start with ceiling fans and light fixtures, then move to tall pieces of furniture, and do floors last. This allows dust to float down from the taller surfaces and get cleaned up when you work on the floors.

2. Use the Proper Equipment

Dust can be tricky, even for the most experienced commercial cleaning crew. It floats very easily, and you can just make the mess worse and spread particles around if you are not careful. Using microfiber cloths and other materials that grab onto lint and dust can help keep airborne dust to a minimum. Feather dusters, while picturesque and emblematic of the classic housekeeper, often serve to spread dust instead of grabbing it. Using HEPA filters in vacuums can keep them from kicking dust back into the air, and vacuum attachments for textiles can be extremely useful.

3. Pay Attention to Electronics and Knickknacks

Some objects have a propensity for attracting dust. Knickknacks and decorative pieces can collect particles like nothing else, and it can be easy to forget to clean them. When items like this have fallen by the wayside a few weeks in a row, they become caked in dirt and lint. Your commercial cleaning crew should always dust desks, curio cabinets, and decorative sculptures regularly. Electronics are another class of items that should be dusted regularly. Like knickknacks, they attract dust. However, when electronics get dusty, they can suffer from decreased performance, burnt out motors, or overheating.

4. Clean Upholstery and Textiles Regularly

While electronics and knickknacks are great at attracting dust, textiles and furniture upholstery are multitaskers: they attract and produce lint and dust that can spread to the rest of your space. Wash or vacuum all fabrics regularly to remove foreign particles and contain shedding fibers. If your commercial cleaning service is neglecting any of these areas or if your office is more dusty than you would prefer, the professionals at A 360 Cleaning would be happy to help!

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