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4 Summer Office Cleaning Tips to Make Your Workplace Shine

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Here are four summer office cleaning tips to make your workplace look like new.

Everyone knows about spring cleaning and what that entails, but what should cleaning crews focus on for the summer? While spring cleaning often focuses on organizing and reducing clutter, summer cleaning is an excellent opportunity to take an intensive approach to cleaning surfaces. In many offices, summer is a period with decreased foot traffic, which makes it a great time to do some deep cleaning and repair. Here are four summer office cleaning tips to make your workplace look like new.

1. Shampoo, Steam Clean, and Seal Floors

Summer is a great time to give your office floors a deep clean. If your office has less foot traffic during the summer, take the time to shampoo, scrub, and steam all carpets. Wash wooden floors and scrub tile and laminate. Clean every square inch of your office’s floor. If applicable, consider refinishing your flooring. Not only will this make your floors shine, but it has the added benefit of getting rid of built up pollen from spring. Employees with allergies will thank you!

2. Clean Windows and Window Hardware

While cleaning crews can wash windows regularly, summer is a great time to clean the glass, shutters, blinds, and window hardware. Dust and grime can build up on blinds and window frames over time, and taking the time to scrub all of that dirt away can make your office’s windows look like new. As with floors, windows and their trappings can gather dust and pollen, lowering your office’s air quality and giving symptoms to people with allergies.

3. Scrub Desks and Furniture

Before employees take time off, make sure that they clean their desks to prepare them for dusting and maintenance. This gives your summer office cleaning crew the rare opportunity to tackle dust and built-up dirt in individual workspaces that might otherwise be covered in paperwork. Take advantage of this time to clean office chairs, couches, and other pieces of furniture as well.

4. Repairs, Maintenance, and Painting

Does your office have scuffs on the walls or chips taken out of a desk or two? You can incorporate repairs into your summer office cleaning plan. Some cleaning crews are able to do light maintenance, so be sure to talk with your office cleaning service to find out what services they can provide. Summer is a great time to paint walls, maintain floors, and repair furniture. When fall comes around and everyone is back from vacation, your office will look like new!

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