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The Areas Most Commonly Overlooked By Inexperienced Cleaning Companies

A 360 Cleaning Inexperienced Cleaning Companies
There are some areas around commercial properties that are commonly missed by inexperienced cleaning companies.

Many commercial properties hire professional cleaning companies to handle their janitorial services in order to take the strain off of their own employees. This is the best way to keep a commercial property clean, but many people mistakenly assume that all cleaning services are created equal, and their best bet is to simply go with whichever service is the most affordable. Unfortunately, inexperienced cleaning companies lack the knowledge of their more experienced counterparts, and they may struggle to keep your property up to an acceptable level of cleanliness.


Vents are an area of every building that is susceptible to extreme buildup of dust and debris if they are not cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, inexperienced cleaning companies will frequently forget to clean these dust traps, leaving your building a lot less clean than it should be. To make matters worse, when your heating or cooling systems turn on and push air through those vents, it sends all of those allergens out into the building. This can result in more severe allergic responses and possibly even more employee illness.


Finding things to clean at eye level is easy, and inexperienced cleaning companies will frequently put most of their focus on these areas. Baseboards are at floor level, making them one of those things we just don’t look at too often, and they can be easy to miss during cleaning, especially for inexperienced cleaning companies. Dirt and grime build up on baseboards fairly quickly, so you need a company that keeps them looking pristine.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are out of the way, and when they’re lit, it is often difficult to see just how dirty they are. Inexperienced cleaning companies will often forget to turn lights off and give them a thorough cleaning. You might be surprised at how much brighter your light is once the fixture has been cleaned!

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are another one of those age-old dust traps that everyone seems to forget about when it comes time to clean. The backside of the fan blades is a very common place for dust to build up, and a good cleaning company will remember to remove this dust so that you don’t spread it into the air the next time you turn the fan on.


Yeah, you heard me—plants. Whether they’re real or fake, the plants gracing your commercial office or facility are there to bring in a bit of nature and make the space feel more relaxing. Unfortunately, many plants in these spaces end up being neglected—this leads to them doing more harm than good. A well-kept live plant should be kept trimmed and watered, with dead leaves and debris being cleared out whenever they appear. Fake plants should be dusted and cleaned regularly to maintain their original shine.

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