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How to Choose a Quality Cleaning Company for Your Business

A 360 Cleaning Choose a Cleaning Company
When you need to choose a quality cleaning company for your business, there are some things to look into and consider before you commit.

A sparkly-clean, perfectly-organized workplace naturally tends to help facilitate all-around success for any business. Hiring a professional cleaning company is often a more cost-effective and time-efficient way to maintain a clean work environment than going at it, in whatever sense, on your own. However, choosing the right cleaning company can be a bit of a daunting task—especially if you have no prior experience with the commercial cleaning industry.

Read along below for some handy tips on how to choose a quality cleaning company for your business.

Evaluate the Range of Services Offered

When picking between professional office cleaning services, it’ll behoove you to consider the specific services they offer. To wit: make certain that the company can indeed provide all the services that your company needs. This information should be readily/easily available on a given business’s website, so you can conveniently compare the companies with each other via a few mouse clicks.

Ask for References

Always ask any potential cleaning partner for references from past clients—so you can speak with them yourself. Who better to give an accurate picture of what you’re in for? When checking up on these references, do pay attention to how long ago the clients hired them; if too much time has passed, it’s entirely possible the cleaning service may not be as good (-or, to be fair, as bad) as before.

Once you establish contact, ask clients all about the commercial cleaning service’s work and how it has (…or hasn’t) benefited their business.

Note: If a company outright refuses to give you any names, ask why—and be wary.

Ensure that They’re Insured

A quality commercial cleaning company should have commercial liability insurance to cover both themselves and your business against the fallout from any accidents or injuries that might occur during the cleaning service’s visit. This insurance protects you from any conceivable repercussions (i.e., liability) should one of the cleaner’s employees get injured on the job, or if their equipment is somehow damaged or broken. -The simplest way to confirm that this is all in order is for you to make the entirely reasonable request for proof of commercial liability insurance.

Be Clear About Your Needs

Be as specific as possible when it comes to what kind of services are needed—how expansive, how often, who’ll be using the facility that’s being cleaned, etc. The more detailed you are about your cleaning needs, the better equipped a commercial cleaning service will be to give you an accurate quote. Additionally, if there are specific spaces or equipment you want to be cleaned that need special care, it’s imperative to tell them before a first visit.

Know Your Budget

Make sure you know what your budget is and how much it can handle. Having a price range in mind will help narrow down your list of companies to find the best one for you. Be sure to tell them what kind of budget you’re working with, and watch out for any hidden fees or extra charges that might come up during service. Some commercial cleaning services charge different rates—higher rates during normal business hours and lower rates overnight or on weekends.

Closing Thoughts

Finding a quality cleaning company for your business requires a bit of research and careful consideration, but it’s absolutely worth it in the long run. -And, by following the preceding tips, you’ve already got a nice head start on selecting the best possible cleaning company to meet your business’s specific needs.

Cleaning Tips and Services from A 360 Cleaning

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