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Keeping Your Home Clean in the Summer

A 360 Cleaning Home Clean Summer
Keeping your home clean in the summer requires some special attention to areas that often get neglected during other seasons.

Even if you’ve already taken on spring cleaning, there are some things you need to keep up on to keep your home clean in the summer. The warmest months of the year have their own set of cleaning needs that will keep your home comfortable and clean until the fall comes back around.

Change Your AC Filter

Get acquainted with every air filter in your home. Some people will only have one in their HVAC unit, but others may also have one in a return air duct and/or an air handler cabinet. Each of these will need to have their filters changed regularly. If you’re not sure when to change them, either talk to an HVAC technician for advice or keep a close eye on your filters to determine how quickly they get dirty. Don’t let them get too gross before changing them out.

If the covers for the filter are dirty, vacuum them up and give them a good wipe-down. If these are dirty, the air that goes through them is pushing all of that filth into your home’s air, and your filter isn’t able to do its job as effectively. 

Dust Your Ceiling Fans

Before you flip the switch or pull the cord to let your ceiling fan rip for the first time, make sure you give it a good dusting. If your ceiling fan hasn’t moved in several months during the winter, the blades have definitely gathered some dust. If you turn the fan on before cleaning the blades, you’ll send all of that dust flying into the air. This is an allergen issue that could lead to problems for some residents of the home. Plus, it’s kinda gross.

Wash the Windows

Winter is hard on the exterior of our homes, including our windows. They will likely be dirty, streaked, and stained from all the muck the winter and spring kicked up between the snow and rain. Give your windows a solid cleaning, and don’t forget to scrub down your window screens, too. A clean window will look nice and let in more natural light. A clean screen is great if you prefer to open your windows and let the fresh air into your home because it prevents that air from pushing any gunk from your screen into your house.

Clear Off the Patio or Deck

Outdoor living space is prime real estate these days, and spending time outdoors is beneficial for your mental health. As the weather continues to warm, take some time to clear off and clean your deck or patio so you can sit outside in the sunshine or entertain outside. At the very least, give these spaces a thorough sweep. If you are so inclined, give them a good scrubbing with a natural cleaner for a shiny aesthetic. If you have a wood deck, don’t forget to do any critical maintenance or repairs that keep the wood healthy and prevent rotting or degradation.

Keep Up in the Kitchen

A kitchen with messy counters or food scraps is like a magnet for all sorts of little bugs—ants, fruit flies, drain flies, etc. Keep up on your kitchen cleaning throughout the summer season to ensure that you never experience an influx of these bothersome little pests. Clear out any food debris right away and keep your drains and garbage disposal clean to prevent this issue.

Cleaning Tips and Services from A 360 Cleaning

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