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Are Dirty Floors Actually Harming Your Business?

Dirty Floors

While you may not realize it, dirty floors can actually be a big hindrance to your business.

When people are cleaning, they often spend a lot more time on the stuff that is eye-level, like counters and windows, and forget about the floor. But floors are some of the dirtiest surfaces, which makes sense – we walk all over the place and then walk those same shoes across our floors. Floors also catch everything that misses the garbage, anything that spills, and all other manner of messes. Floor cleaning should be an important part of your professional cleaning services. The dirt on your floors can actually be a big issue for your business. There are many ways that dirty floors can hurt your employees, your reputation, and your business overall.

Dirt Can Damage Floors

Dirt that builds up on floors can actually cause damage and shorten their lifespans. This can happen to many different types of flooring. The dirt may contain contaminants that corrode or etch the surface when it sits on them for long periods. The debris may also scratch, scruff, or even gouge the surface of the floor. Over time, this damage can build up to a huge expense of replacing or repairing the floor, one much larger than you would have spent on professional floor cleaning to keep the floors in good shape.

Dirty Floors Can Be A Health Problem

Dirty floors provide the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and businesses with dirty floors often see an increased number of sick calls. This is often a bigger issue in places where employees may be down on the floor, like retail shops, but even in offices as the germs build up people will get sick. The accumulated dirt and dust is an especially big problem for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma.

Dirty Floors Damage Your Brand

While the floor may not be the first thing people notice, they will notice it, especially if it is dirty. A dirty floor will make the rest of your business seem dirty, even when it isn’t, and this can lead to damage to your brand and reputation. The negative impression that people get of your business when they see dirty floors will be a hard one to get and it could cost you customers.

Dirty Floor Decrease Productivity

Dirty floors can lead to decreased productivity. Often this happens when employees get sick and have to call out, or if they spend a large percentage of their day sneezing and blowing their noses. But there are other ways dirt decreases productivity. A dirty room makes for a poor work environment. Places that are clean and fresh are easier to concentrate in, so employees are more productive.

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