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How to Prevent the Flu From Spreading in Workplaces

It’s important to make sure you aren’t creating workplace conditions that promote the spread of the flu.

Spring is here and with it comes more activity and increased germ spreading. While the flu isn’t as typically active in the spring as it is in the fall with the start of the school season, the changing weather and allergy season can leave many immune systems weak to germs. In the workplace, having an outbreak of the flu can lead to an office-wide epidemic that throws your entire system off track. Not only can this impact your productivity, but it can also damage customers as well. To prevent illnesses like the flu from decimating your team, try these simple steps!

Consider Office Wide Wellness Events

Getting the flu shot and having access to quality preventative care can be difficult for those working at a traditional 9-5 job. Doctors offices aren’t usually open during off hours so your staff would usually have to take time off to get their flu shot. Hosting wellness events for things like flu shots can help ensure that the team is able to protect themselves.

Add Healthy Office Snacks

One aspect of a healthy immune system you may not have considered is diet. If your office is full of snacks that are low in nutrients and healthy habits aren’t encouraged, your staff will have a weaker immune system and lower productivity. Swap out donuts for a fruit plate and whole grain options. Or chips with servings of oranges and carrots. Fruits and vegetables have immune-boosting vitamins that will help keep them healthier.

Clean, Clean, and Clean More

The most crucial step to keeping your office germ free is to ensure that everything is kept clean. This involves more than just your doorknobs and counters. Your office will need regular deep cleans to be sure that germs can’t thrive. Textiles like carpets and seat covers are perfect hiding places for bacteria and pollen that can keep your staff sick and uncomfortable.   

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