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4 Simple Ways You Can Keep Your Retail Store Clean

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Keeping a retail store clean can be a tall order.

Keeping a retail store clean can be a tall order. Spring and summer usually mean big sales are on the way. How can you keep both customers and employees happy? By providing a clean store that is regularly well-maintained. In this blog, we will focus on 4 simple ways you can keep your retail store clean.

Keep the Floors of Your Retail Store Clean

How clean your floors are goes a long way toward a lasting first impression. Make sure your retail store makes a great first impression, especially for new customers. The floors are typically considered the first indicator of a store’s overall cleanliness. Customers are not going to want to spend time inside a story they perceive to be dirty. Have floor mats collect dirt at the front doors, and continuously check for any messes that can develop during business hours. After closing time for the night, be sure thorough mopping and cleaning are one of the closing procedures.

Make Sure the Restrooms Are Kept Clean

Clean restrooms are a key part of any business. For any standalone retail store, or even part of a shopping center, restrooms are easy to clean, at least easier than in a shopping mall. Make sure that toilets, sinks, and floors are well-maintained. Toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap are vital supplies to keep fully-stocked as well.

Keep a Clean Kitchen

Especially for stores specializing in food items, keeping a clean kitchen is essential. For one thing, it is plain common sense to maintain a well-cleaned kitchen. But for another, it may be necessary to create written policies your employees should be expected to follow. To that end, you will probably need cleaning supplies such as disinfectant. Also be sure that all equipment used in food preparation is regularly cleaned as well.

Have an Employee Designated for Cleanup Duty

Having an employee designated for cleanup duty can help immensely when keeping your entire retail store clean. They can quickly inspect and clean any areas that customers will commonly visit. If this is not possible, then a cleaning schedule should be drawn up for your employees to take turns following.

A 360 Cleaning for All Your Cleaning Needs

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